JMSoC is a software and application suite that provides a complete Altera® CV SoC HMI solution for connecting equipment and visualizing data.

JMSoC solution allows CV SoC users to easily develop a customized GUI application using object-oriented programming in a few weeks without writing a single line of C code.

JMSoC runtime is designed to optimize the performance and the size of memory  running Embedded Linux on Altera® CV SoC platform.

JMSoC is programmed  by JMobile Studio (Altera edition) using CODESYS 3.x development tool for Motion / SoftPLC control applications.

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Altera has partnered with a leading PLC software developer, 3S-Smart Software Solutions GmbH, as well as with a leader in HMI development, Exor International S.p.A.  to create a single chip (CV SoC)  implementation of a powerful PLC with integrated 2D dynamic vectorial  graphics capable HMI.

The architecture of this design is shown below:

CV SoC Dual CORTEX A9 Processor Core:
  • OS: Linux RT w/ OSADL libraries
  • CODESYS: IEC 61131 PLC run-time software
  • JMobile: Server PLC  interface  and graphics rendering Client software
  • JMobile: JM4Web HTML5 Web Access (Remote HMI)
  • EtherCAT MASTER protocol stack

CV SoC FPGA Fabric:
  • UltiLogic UltiEVC Video controller and video processing IP
  • Other custom logic

OEM customers would customize their end systems using the JMobile Development Studio for HMI applications (available from EXOR International) and the CODESYS software for PLC control and EtherCAT MASTER (available from 3S Software).

An example? The demo that we showed at SPS Drives 2013

The demo shows a single chip implementation of an integrated PLC/HMI. This system controlled by a touch screen display controls a 3-axis Parker Hannifan drive that is connected to servo motors. The communication protocol used is EtherCAT and the PLC run-time software is the industry standard CODESYS software.

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Would you like to evaluate this design? Here below you have all you need!

HMI+PLC JMSoC - Linux Runtime

ARM DS5 Toolkit Altera CV SoC – Linux RTOS BSP (OSADL)
JMobile Studio (Altera edition)

HMI graphical editor with CODESYS interface
Compact smart System On Module

Based Altera® CV SoC platform
UltiEVC Embedded Video

Controller IP core  including Linux frame buffer Video driver
3S CODESYS – IEC 61131-3 and Soft Motion including Ethercat Master Runtime

Controller IP core  including Linux frame buffer Video driver
User Manual and Application notes for Altera Cyclone V Soc

Dev. Kit
Engineering Service

Custom Development Hardware Board design / FPGA design / Linux firmware development /  JMobile application development / HMI / Controller Product design

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