Exceptional customer service is the glue that stabilizes a business, setting it up for success. Wordaze, an order fulfillment provider, knows the value of a blue-chip customer service program that can handle issues and concerns.

The company has constructed a customer service program that steps out of the box, going beyond what customers traditionally expect.

Customer service is “a practice and attitude” at Wordaze. “We deliver the best customer experience no matter who you get to talk with,” the company states on its website at Wordaze.com. This attitude has garnered the company the best customer retention and customer satisfaction rate in the industry.

What separates us

At Wordaze, the customer service team works night and day to handle the concerns and questions from the businesses it serves and the customers of those business owners. 

But business clients should look closely at each order fulfillment company’s customer service department before making a decision. After all, providers have different approaches to handling customer service issues.

For example, Rakuten Super Logistics, an ecommerce order fulfillment company, says resentatives from its client support team talk each day or have regular check-ins with partnership managers. Customers can get help by emailing or calling the customer service department. 

ShipBob, a third-party shipping supplier, says it offers customers the service they need throughout their entire experience. Services customers receive include branded boxes option, free plain packaging, and the fastest and most cost-effective shipping options.

And at Fulfillify, also a third-party fulfillment company, customers can expect to work with a staff of more than 100 experts to help get packages to their destinations.

A comprehensive approach to service

Wordaze offers an around-the-clock customer service program. Clients can reach out to the customer service department by phone, email, online chat or through the company’s internal ticket system.

The company’s customer service department also helps businesses increase efficiency, providing business analytics, inventory management that help to improve revenues for its clients. 

Since no two businesses will succeed using the same approach, Wordaze works with each client to ensure the best plan is created to meet the needs of that business. To do that, the company consults with the business owner to understand their goals before helping to develop a plan.

We are “dedicated to serving your business through thick and thin. Rest assured, our team will make every attempt to resolve your concern in an efficient, timely manner,” according to the company’s website at Wordaze.com.

Business clients who want to expand their market can also count on Wordaze for help. The company works with business clients to expand internationally, carving out a slice of previously untapped markets. Such an expansion can help business clients achieve sustainable growth.

And any business owner who partners with the company can take advantage of its customization or personalization services.

The company can also take on the role of a business client’s in-house staff. It will handle a business client’s loyalty program, including marketing materials, flyers, brochures, and coupons in packages delivered to customers. “Handwritten notes, free promo items, samples – anything or any way you want to customize your order fulfillment – we can make that happen,” the company says.