Are You Looking for A Suitable Pallet Tipper? Here are a Few Things to Know

If you are interested to buy a pallet tipper, then there are several companies available that can offer you more than 50 different models for almost every type of product.

A company like Top Industries can design a pallet inverter or a pallet tipper for your business depending upon your space requirement in your warehouse, what level of automation you need or what your production flow is.  They have more than 50 years of experience designing and supplying such machines to several industries.

Pallet tipper if you compare with manual operation

Efficiency levels might be greatly raised when utilising the new solutions provided by your suppliers as opposed to a manual process. Because manually only six pallets can be managed by an operator in an hour without endangering themselves or reducing their availability for other tasks.

Depending on what model that you opt for, you can manage up to 20, 30, 50, or 100 pallets per hour using a pallet tipper.

You only need to speak with the professionals to get guidance on the pallet turner that will work best for you. Together with you, they will determine the return on investment based on the many benefits, such as automation, that these pallet tippers may offer you.

Key benefits

  • Huge productivity increase as automation can replace manual labour
  • More workplace safety
  • Minimises damage risk to goods as hydraulic clamp plates with certain feather touch sensor
  • Easy to use
  • Ergonomically correct drawbar
  • Correct working positions
  • Adjustable working height
  • More durable

Key features

  • These pallet tippers can handle widely changing load dimensions
  • Capacities up to 2000kgs
  • Low cycle times enable high pallet throughput
  • Robust and proven in many different environments

How do they work?

Pallet tippers have a rotating frame with a clamp mechanism and a fixed base frame. The rotation of the clamp is accomplished by the huge precise bearing and torque-boosted electric drive motor, while the clamp is operated hydraulically.

Touchpad controls provide for consistent, problem-free use of the inverter’s whole range of operations.

A full cycle can be started with just one button press from the operator.


  • Food manufacturers can now eliminate wooden pallets from their production floor. Wooden pallets are swapped for “clean room” standard plastic or steel pallets.
  • If pallet rental costs are too high then use a pallet inverter for swapping for cheaper in-house pallets
  • In storage and retrieval systems with automation and pallets can be routinely checked and defective pallets can be exchanged.
  • Export goods available on rental or any in-house pallets are transferred to another pallet appropriate for export.
  • Pallet loads have to be flattened and “squared up”.


  • Safety fencing provided to protect other personnel.
  • Remote control for minimising the need for any forklift driver to come out of his seat.
  • Besides safety fencing a photo-eyes or light curtain having an interlock
  • Forklift bump edge.


Pallet trippers run on automatic cycles; therefore, workers must be shielded from coming into contact with the rotating inverter. Interlocking electronic photo eyes or curtains, in addition to safety barriers, increase workplace security.

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