BBQs2U For Asian-Style Kamado Joe Ceramic Grills

BBQs2U store is in Pwllheli, Abersoch in the UK selling premium quality Kamado Joe grills, Masterbuilt Gravity Series, Napoleon barbeques, and even Ooni Pizza Ovens. The shop is open from 10 am to 5 pm every day [7days]. Potential buyers can enjoy demonstrations about the BBQs features and functionalities. 

BBQs2U family is always keen to talk about barbeque! Kamado Big Joe I, II & III, KJ Classic I, II, & III, Kamado Jnr Joe, and Kamado Kettle Joe are the options available in the store. 

Big Joe and Classic models have set a standard for innovation and craftsmanship. It has a ceramic body with superior heat retention characteristics. The enclosed grill design offers better flavor as moisture and smoke are contained well within the grill. This allows the smoke and juices to stay penetrated within the food more deeply. 

The standard features in every Big Joe include airlift hinge, divide & conquer cooking rack system, stainless steel locking latch, side out tray trash, fiberglass mesh gasket, side shelves, ash tools, multi-functional control tower, grate gripper, AMP firebox, large lid thermometer, and Dutch oven & wok ring.

Big Joe III grills are upgraded with SloRoller but it can be purchased as an add-on accessory for 2nd generation from BBQs2U. The Divide & Conquer system size is big in 3rd generation including 3-tier system, while Big Joe II has a 2-tier system. 

The standard feature of KJ Classic includes the Kontrol tower, airlift hinge, SS Latch, AMP Firebox, in-built thermometer, wire mesh fiberglass gasket, ash tool, slide-out ashtray, grill gripper, and foldable side shelves/handles. 

KJ Classic III base is tougher and made from galvanized steel. A storage rack is included in the cart frame that allows moving Kamado without concerns about sliding. The wheels are a lot bigger offering stability while moving, which is impossible in the 2nd generation bouncy cart. Side tables in Classic III have a powdered aluminum coating, so the issues about melting associated with the HDPE plastic [Classic II] are resolved. 

The SloRoller airflow technology in KJ grills prevents hot spots and uneven cooking. The air flows better across the boiler before vanishing from the top vent. The Divide & conquer racks allow to place grates at a different level to create a direct or indirect cooking zone at the same time. The wire mesh fiberglass gasket enhances smoke and heat retention. Smoke leakage is common in other brands and smokers but KJ introduced a great mesh gasket. 

Ceramic is the best material for Kamado Grill and KJ features the best ceramic shell. Ceramic helps to enhance charcoal efficiency and moisture retention while cooking. KJ Big Joe and Classic grills are easy to use but with some good tips from BBQs2U professionals, buyers can cook the best ribs and juicy meat. 

For visuals of the Big Joe and Classic follow BBQs2U on Pinterest. Save their pins for BBA sauce and rub recipes. YouTube followers can understand how to use their BBQs and gain the most from smoke and heat retention!