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NetBase Quid social media analysis enables you to enhance your audience engagement and gain loyal customers with personal recommendations. It is an excellent tool for businesses looking to understand the social media conversation surrounding their brand. It includes a full suite of social media reporting capabilities, including analysis of all your company’s social profiles in one place, with comprehensive metrics for engagement. You can compare results with competitors and measure the social relevancy of your brand as it relates to your targeted demographic.

Understanding Consumer Needs

Social media is critical to understanding and meeting consumers’ unmet needs. Consumers today want to engage with businesses, brands, products and services. It means marketing managers and marketers need to monitor and understand these conversations. NetBase Quid gathers and analyzes data from hundreds of channels, and the real-time insights it provides enable marketers to improve their customer experience.

Learning Management System

As more companies turn to corporate training to fill skills gaps, NetBase Quid helps companies stay ahead of competitors by providing easy-to-use tools for continuous learning and development. Our visual learning management system (LMS) helps employees find training materials and engage with the content they want, wherever and whenever they want it.


Don’t know what to tweet about? It’s best to simply work on what you do best. Ask yourself: What are my keywords and who is the right person to promote the content and who would be the best to promote it on social media? Additionally, if you want to promote a special offer or product, you can use an analytic tool to determine who should see the promotional post. NetBase Quid social media analysis helps you benefitwith:

  • Personalization Analysis
  • Video and Image Analysis
  • Booth Blitz Analysis
  • Social Media Dynamics, Consumer Loyalty

Customized Topics

NetBase Quid’s unique capability to create and customize content will help organizations discover and include news stories that speak to their specific audience, while helping to engage and discover new consumers and niche markets. The platform uses proprietary algorithms and AI to recognize patterns in existing content and develop new topics based on user feedback and trending topics in the media.

Social Sharing

The NetBase Quid platform delivers social content from over 1000 influencers, influencer groups and thousands of social media publishers.

Social Media Analysis

Use NetBase Quid to develop powerful reports, generate compelling graphs, and identify key trends for your brand. The platform can create one-click updates to your marketing campaigns and interactions with consumers across social media and search engines. Plus, NetBase Quid is integrated with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for seamless cross-channel interaction.

Survey and Audience Analysis

When connected with the NetBase Quid platform, Quid can now leverage multiple data sources and reveal topics, trends and brand attitudes that may not have been surfaced through traditional market intelligence channels. Data from Quid’s recent surveys will analyze audience perceptions about companies including BMW, Honda, IBM, L’Oreal and Sony.

How does NetBase Quid provide such capabilities?

NetBase Quid is a complete cross-channel tool suite designed to provide actionable insights for marketers. It includes services for real-time activity, trends, insights, and comprehensive trend reports. Are you a marketer looking for consumer data, demographics, and personality insights? Look no further than NetBaseQuid.

Why NetBase Quid Social Media Analysis?

NetBase Quid integrates social data with desktop- and mobile-optimized audience demographic and behavioral data to evaluate social media-specific trends. With this level of insight, NetBase Quid can identify trends that are predicted to impact growth and conversion rates for retailers and brands. The most effective use cases include understanding how customers are engaging with brand messaging and product presentation, finding out which social channels and hashtags are most effective for driving conversion. It also identifies key messages or designs that may be turning off customers and driving them to competitors.