Cardboard boxes or Plastic moving boxes? Find the answers. 

The biggest challenge for the movers is to arrange the boxes in which they can safely store their fragile belongings. Moving from one place to a new place is indeed a thrill, but all the background work that one has to put into shifting things can be hectic. 

When moving, the first thought that tickles the mind is cardboard boxes for packaging. but cardboard boxes have their own limitations. Renting sturdy plastic boxes is an economical option as it is stress-free. Just within the minimum rental cost, the purpose can be served. 

Moving comes all together with different challenges, and to overcome those challenges, you can use packaging items like GoBac packing supplies that include plastic rental boxes. Explore all the details below!

Why not cardboard boxes? 

The first factor is durability: cardboard boxes are not suitable for extremely heavy items, they may deform or be crushed due to excess pressure, they are not waterproof, and they cannot withstand harsh weather conditions.  

The second factor is cost-effectiveness: no doubt that cardboard boxes are cheap and can be recycled, but they are not suitable for recurring needs. One must purchase new cartons or cardboard boxes. If you buy the cardboard boxes in bulk that means you must pay more upfront for the longer benefits.  

The third factor is storage space: whether the cardboard boxes are purchased in bulk or not, one has to make the space to store them.  

The fourth concern is hygiene: Cardboard boxes have no protection against moisture which attracts insects. It is not hygienic. Storing items in such boxes, especially clothes, will ruin the belongings and spread everywhere.  

Above all the factors discussed above, shaping cardboard boxes and sealing them is time-consuming. Also, the sealing is not reliable as different weather conditions might affect the packaging and increase the risk of damage.  

How are plastic moving boxes better than cardboard boxes? 

Plastic moving boxes are a great alternative to cardboard boxes and pose bigger benefits. These boxes are environmentally friendly, sturdy, durable, reliable, and strong. There is no need for any packaging tapes. Also, they will not deform. Many plastic packaging items’ companies such as GoBac rent the boxes to customers. 

If you want to move to Montreal or its suburbs, don’t wait long; reach out to rental packaging box companies and save your precious time and money.