The integration of technology into the practice of Swedish massage by solo practitioners running one-person shops has the potential to transform the massage experience for both practitioners and clients. This systematic review aims to explore the various ways in which technology is being utilized to enhance the 1인샵 Swedish massage experience in solo practice settings.


A comprehensive search was conducted across electronic databases, including PubMed, Google Scholar, and relevant industry journals, using keywords such as “Swedish massage,” “solo practitioner,” “technology,” and “massage therapy.” Studies and articles published in the last ten years were included, with a focus on those describing the integration of technology into the practice of Swedish massage by solo practitioners.


  • Online Booking Systems: Several studies highlighted the benefits of online booking systems in streamlining appointment scheduling, reducing administrative burden, and enhancing client convenience. Solo practitioners reported increased efficiency and improved client satisfaction with the implementation of online booking platforms.
  • Client Management Software: The use of client management software was found to centralize client data, streamline communication, and facilitate personalized treatments. Studies reported improved organization, client engagement, and treatment outcomes with the adoption of client management software by solo practitioners.
  • Digital Health Assessments: Digital health assessment tools were identified as valuable resources for gathering client information, tailoring treatments, and ensuring comprehensive care. Solo practitioners reported increased accuracy, efficiency, and client satisfaction with the integration of digital health assessment tools into their practice.
  • Smart Massage Tables: Studies highlighted the benefits of smart massage tables equipped with adjustable settings, warming elements, and massage techniques. Solo practitioners reported enhanced comfort, customization, and treatment versatility with the use of smart massage tables, leading to improved client outcomes and satisfaction.
  • Remote Consultations and Follow-ups: The utilization of video conferencing platforms and telehealth software enabled solo practitioners to extend their services beyond the massage room. Studies reported increased accessibility, continuity of care, and client engagement with remote consultations and follow-ups.
  • Personalized Mobile Apps: The development of personalized mobile apps was found to enhance client communication, engagement, and loyalty. Solo practitioners reported strengthened brand presence, client retention, and business growth with the implementation of personalized mobile apps.


The systematic review highlights the diverse ways in which technology is enhancing the 1인샵 Swedish massage experience for solo practitioners running one-person shops. From online booking systems and client management software to digital health assessments, smart massage tables, remote consultations, and personalized mobile apps, technology is revolutionizing the practice of Swedish massage, optimizing workflow efficiency, and elevating client satisfaction. Further research is warranted to explore the long-term impact and effectiveness of these technological innovations in solo practice settings.