Guidelines for creating a questionnaire

The process of creating a questionnaire can have different models that establish the relationship of consumer behavior with the main criteria that divide them into target groups and describe the process of consumer analysis relative to the base. Let’s find out how to create a questionnaire and use its advantages.

What are the main aspects of creating a questionnaire?

The metrics you use to track the employees’ performance should be derived from the responsibilities defined at the time of hire as well as your business goals. Broadly speaking, creating a questionnaire will be based on any of the following aspects of your employees’ performance:

  • The rate at which a given task is completed on time.
  • The number of tasks completed in a certain period of time.
  • The ability to perform a specific task in accordance with a standard operating procedure.
  • Feedback received from supervisors, colleagues and/or clients.

The best tool for online questionnaires

An online survey maker is a simple, fast and anonymous online survey tool that is full of interesting ideas. It invites students, professionals and businesses: to create surveys and get the analytics you need – it’s free and as easy as squeezing a lime. The following factors are considered the main criteria for the questionnaire using the online survey maker:

  • Reachability (the questionnaire should be based on job instructions and be clear).
  • Objectivity (the development of each criterion is carried out for a specific position, not for a person).
  • Transparency (each employee must understand what results are expected from him).

Online survey maker for the questionnaire is a way to get to know your customers better: to study their habits and expectations, to gather opinions about products or services and to understand in which direction to develop the business. You can also conduct quizzes with prizes for correct answers to attract new customers.