How to Improve Trade Show Booth Traffic

Leads from your trade show booth traffic are gold. You set up at the event because your current network and potential clients attend. Yet, if they don’t see you there, you don’t get the benefit. So, it’s important to get enough trade show booth traffic to make the most from your investment of time and money.

Trade show booth suppliers encourage researching the demographics of the attendees before deciding to exhibit at any event. Once you know your potential clients are at the show, all you need to do is get them to your booth.

Contact Potential Clients Before the Show

The venue will provide marketing to attract more people to attend. But targeted invitations to your potential clients make it more likely they will seek out your display. Let them know what they’ll find at your booth, any giveaways, show specials, or product launch teasers.

Use your social media accounts for the general announcements to generate excitement about the show. Then use targeted LinkedIn or email messages to invite specific clients. Make sure your messaging is clear, concise, and targeted.

Pre-Show Surveys

Used carefully, pre-show surveys can generate more trade show booth traffic. A short survey asking what attendees expect at the show can increase buy-in and give you information to fine-tune your display. A custom booth design aligned with your other branding helps fulfill attendee expectations.

Many industries find direct mail is another way to reach potential visitors offline. When you receive the list of attendees, slide a well-designed brochure into the mail to pique their interest.

Employ more than one strategy because potential attendees all have their own preferences.

Custom Booth Design

Several years ago, many companies purchased a booth and kept reusing the same one for every trade show event. It’s well-proven that if attendees recognize your booth as the exact same one they have seen before, they are not drawn in. Something needs to look different, or your trade show booth traffic will lower every year.

A custom booth design attracts new and regular event attendees every year. Consider updating your old booth or a trade show booth rental. You can keep expenses low with a custom trade show booth rental using your current branding. Attendees are more likely to come over to your booth when they see a fresh, new design.

Plus, custom booth design that’s effective in increasing trade show booth traffic in one city, sector, or even the season may not work elsewhere. The display you use in Tampa in the spring might not be right in Las Vegas in the winter. Trade show booth suppliers work to align your brand with the demographics of attendees, the location, season, sector, and more.

In Summary

While there is much more to increasing your trade show booth traffic than contacting attendees before the show and your custom booth design, these are critical. You can work closely with your trade show booth suppliers to refresh your current display, purchase a new one, or look into a trade show rental booth. These methods all set you up for a successful show and a better return on your investment.