A very hearty congratulations as you have finally decided to purchase a condo. For many of the people, when it comes to purchasing the condo it eventually asks them to take their lifestyle living decision. Not only has this, purchasing of the condos come up with many advantages as well. It brings a very less number of responsibilities as compared to when you purchase a house.

So, once you have finally decided to invest in the condo Chatuchak (คอนโด จตุจักร, which is the term in Thai). Now is the time where you need to consider the most important factors while purchasing the condo. If you honestly consider all these factors, no doubt, you will invest in the right condo ever.

Important Factors To Consider While Purchasing The Condo

1. Location

The topmost factor that you need to consider is the location. Not only while purchasing the condo, but this is also the most important rule while purchasing any real estate piece. This helps in deciding the resale value. The view of your locality and the quality of your neighborhood also matters.

2. Amenities

It is the second most important factor that you need to consider while purchasing the condo. What if your invest in an area where you are not able to access anything? You will be left frustrated. Therefore, make sure to consider the type of amenities and facilities that you can exist while purchasing the condo.

3. Check Out For The Condo Rules

When you invest in your house or duplex, you get complete freedom. Whereas, when you consider purchasing a condo there is a set of rules assigned by the authority that everyone needs to follow. Like the pet restrictions, timing restrictions, or not to renovate the interior without permission. Therefore, make sure to consider all of them before you move.

4. The Size Of The Condo

Yes, the size of the condo is a very important thing to consider. As if you forget t do this, you might end up investing a good amount in creating new furniture. Therefore, make sure you check for the size and cross-check whether all the existing furniture can fit into your condo or not.


Make sure to consider these factors before you invest in a particular condo. N doubt, these condos are great and the most affordable place for living. As these condos are managed by the authorities they provide your place with complete security as well.