Are you planning to buy gemstone jewellery but not sure where to purchase it? Don’t worry, as there are several offline and online sources to acquire gemstone jewellery at the best quality and price. In addition, there are some essential factors on how to choose gems both online and offline. Please keep reading to get a comprehensive knowledge of what to expect from each of them.

Offline Buying of Gemstone Jewellery

You can easily purchase gemstone jewellery offline from the nearby store, marketplace or any shop. Offline purchase is always much more accessible than an online platform as we can check them by feeling and verifying their physical appearance. Moreover, offline purchases reduce the risk of fake products and prevent the customer’s anxiety issues, as in the case of online orders. The various other benefits associated with buying gemstone jewellery offline are elaborated. Read on.

  • Colour is the vital factor in buying gemstone jewellery which symbolizes its beauty and value. You can verify the colour of the gemstones properly when purchasing them offline by having a closer look at the saturation, tone, shade and distribution. 
  • The cut is an essential factor that shows the depth of the colour, its shade and liveliness. It is a significant criterion that again exhibits the value of the gemstone jewellery. A good cut also portrays only fewer imperfections in the stone. 
  • A gemstone certificate is provided as a mandatory thing in all the physical stores and is more trustworthy.
  • Buying gemstone jewellery from a physical store offline will permit you to know what you will receive and how it will look in advance. 
  • Offline gem dealers will be able to answer all the customers’ queries without any hesitation and excuse. 
  • If the jewellery’s gemstones are not genuine, the customer can visit the store anytime and question them.

Online Buying of Gemstone Jewellery

Buying gemstone jewellery online on any e-commerce platform has several benefits too. Some of the major ones are:

  • Any online store to buy gemstone rings or jewellery provide a variety of choice to the customer which you cannot find in a single store. Numerous designs of different colours and shapes are offered in the form of a catalogue on the online store, whereas any offline store has only scarce resources available. It narrows down the customers’ options from the available stones, which does not give them complete satisfaction.
  • An online store to buy gemstone earrings or any other ornament gives the liberty to the customer to customize amongst a plethora of gemstones and opt for the materials that suit their budget.
  • Online purchases have a wide range of products with excellent access to a large audience providing infinite options to the customer. This allows the customers to opt for another dealer if they are not satisfied with the products effortlessly.
  • Gem certification authorities like Gemlab, GIA, IGI, etc., provide certificates to all the gemstones purchased online.

Summing It Up

By now, it must be clear from the above explanation that a customer should reap profits when opting for any platform to buy gemstone jewellery. Online or offline media, whichever is best to purchase gemstone jewellery, depends on the customer’s priority. Some might prioritize the price and opt for the available ones that are priced less. On the contrary, few will want to get the best unique designs and opt for online platforms. So, it cannot be concluded which platform is best for buying gemstone jewellery as it is purely based on the customer. At the same time, extra care must be taken while purchasing online gemstones by cross-verifying their authenticity and specifications with proper homework.