Themed Wedding on a Catamaran in Barcelona – All the Advantages of Organization

Wedding on a Catamaran

A traditional wedding ceremony can be made special if it is organized on a catamaran. The celebration turns into a fascinating journey over the waves. Such a decision is refined, original, and interesting. The advantages of this celebration option are immense. You will have at your disposal only the best decorations – beautiful natural landscapes and landmarks. You can organize a wedding of any scale or format, you are not limited by anything. Only invited guests will be present on board, strangers will not get on the deck. At the same time, the costs will be comparable to restaurant recreation. You can realize any classic idea, as well as a bold, creative one.

Ideas for Celebration

A catamaran is perfect for celebrating a wedding. You can rent a catamaran in Barcelona via this link The price of the event will depend on the scale of the event and the list of entertainments.

On board, you can organize a classic wedding or choose an unusual theme. By choosing unconventional solutions, you get a chance to surprise guests and make the event truly unforgettable. Nowadays it is fashionable to hold stylized weddings:

  • Greek;
  • Hawaiian;
  • Retro parties;
  • Pirate parties and so on.

If you don’t like experiments, you can stick to the classic option. You can decorate the deck as you see fit. Usually, balloons, ribbons, flowers are used. The color scheme can be anything. Blue, lilac, red, and blue shades look spectacular on board.

Features of the Event Organization

It is important to carefully consider the image of the groom and bride. It doesn’t have to be a classic suit or a dress with a veil. You can choose outfits in a nautical or beach theme. Don’t forget to decorate the invitation cards in an unconventional way. The most popular are weddings on board in a marine style using such attributes as stripes, anchors, sea knots, etc.

The development of the scenario is carried out taking into account the chosen theme. It can be a banquet with an abundance of treats or a modest buffet. Entertainment can also be varied. You can invite musicians, artists, a DJ on board.

The treats can have different formats. It can be a large-scale banquet, a buffet, a Swedish table. On the ship, popular drinks, light snacks, fresh fruits are popular. The feast will take place in a great atmosphere, accompanied by beautiful weather.

Many ideas for shooting are provided on board. Your photos will not be banal. Pictures against the backdrop of sunsets, landscapes, a snow-white deck look especially beautiful.

It is convenient to order the service on the website of the company Barcelona Boat Rental. The specialists will process your order promptly and help you choose the right solution. A wedding on a catamaran will be remembered for a long time.