Things to Consider When Picking a Braking Kit – Which Ones are Worth the Money? 

Handling a car can be pretty difficult if the braking system is not top notch – it is unsafe and is quite bad for the longevity and the performance of the vehicle too. So, no matter you have a heavy muscle vehicle or a regular car, it’s very important that you take special care of the entire braking system. This guide is about 3 such braking kits that are absolutely worth every single penny. Have a look at them and pick what you think would be the best suitable option. 

  1. The Black XD Brake Kit

This high performance braking kit is an apt option for high performance vehicles. The braking pads and rotors are designed with the purpose of maximizing and improving the performance of the vehicle in general. 

  • The rotors are electroplated. It’s done in order to repel rust and corrosion. Remember, a smooth rotor is essential for the car to come to a complete smooth stop. And the Black XD braking kit at is designed to offer just that. 
  • The shims have a full stainless steel body and they are designed to offer maximum heat dissipation despite high speed rotation of wheels.
  • Sound dampening is another brilliant feature that makes this entire braking kit worth the experience. 
  1. Black Kote Brake Kit

This is another fantastic option that is absolutely worth the hype it enjoys. Some of the features about this kit that you should know about before you purchase it are as follows.

  • It has a unique design that features multiple vanes for the purpose of proper heat dissipation. 
  • The brake rotors are specially made electroplated in order to keep them corrosion resistant. 
  • The braking pads offer super smooth friction and the vehicle comes to a noise-free stoppage.
  1. G3000 Brake Kit

The G3000 brake kit is the queen for everyday cars that you take on the road on a regular basis. Some of the features of this kit that are absolutely noteworthy are as follows. 

  • It has mill balanced edges for the purpose of providing proper balance.
  • It is designed to minimize noise and vibration.
  • The brake pads have a semi metallic body and they are rust resistant too. 


  • The kind of braking system you need depends upon the model of the car. 
  • Good braking system brings the car to an immediate stop as soon as the brake pedals are pressed.