What Is Email Hygiene And Why Is It Important?


Marketing and PR is now completely digitized with the advancement of technology and especially in these two years, it has seen a noticeable surge due the pandemic. 

Email has forever been an unparalleled professional space, where one is bound to take most of the content seriously. While many companies stay in touch with their subscribers through email, they often tend to overlook the issue of Email Hygiene. 

Email Hygiene is a process in which a sender clears out the cold (inactive) list of subscribers and continues to send mails meant for marketing purposes to the warm (active) subscribers. This is an important step in the field of digital marketing, as it helps you disconnect with the uninterested subscribers, helping you maintain a certain standard in the market. 

While undertaking the entire process, a major challenge is to analyse the subscribers that are indeed uninterested. There can be two sets of subscribers who are out of contact; one is a set of subscribers that have altered their email address and who are known as the hard bounce subscribers. The other set comprises those who are ignoring your mails and have supposedly converted them into spam. This set is called the soft bounce. 

In this age, where businesses are developed solely on the basis of digital marketing, maintaining email hygiene is very important. Here are a few reasons why you must maintain email hygiene. 

1. You can invest time in much more meaningful activities

Email is solely meant for delivering messages. If you are generating a message to be sent across for some uninterested readers, it is equal to some unfruitful tasks for your business. A fundamental ethic of mail is to have a meaningful conversation. No one wants to receive emails that aren’t useful or with which they cannot have a meaningful conversation.

Deleting the outdated and keeping an updated list of subscribers can enhance your mail delivery speed. It can reach the interested subscribers faster and can turn out to be much more productive.

2. It can result in a good online reputation

Maintaining this hygiene will ensure that your brand isn’t added to the spams of these soft bounce set of subscribers. Having been added as a spam message could result in a bad online reputation for your company. 

3. Helps you reach your target audience

With the rise of many more professional social media sites like LinkedIn, that are now saturated with information, major companies are moving towards emails that can be personalised and sent forward to suit your profile. Emails come handy while targeting a particular set of professionals as opposed to other sites. 

4. Could increase your Return on Investments 

Digital marketing is nothing less than an investment. Maintaining email hygiene could help you reach the interested customers which can further increase your chances of selling higher. 

Final Overview

All companies’ email databases are pretty essential. Thus, you would want to maintain hygiene and avoid getting into any sort of trouble. You can even invest in various online tools and apps that are meant to enhance your digital marketing experience. Be sure to follow a hygienic email approach that will further help you build your professional profile.