What is the Timeline for Canadian Customs Clearance?

It is very common for you to hear that the customs clearance processes take a lot more while than expected to get cleared. And to be honest, this is the most frustrating part of the entire process. With unable to predict the exact timeline, it is best to hire a professional in the field who would help you get the right hold of the status of the proceedings. Let’s dive into deeper details.

How long does a package take to get cleared?

The customs clearance process seems to be very straightforward from the outside:

  • Incoming international goods are sent to the CBSA department
  • CBSA checks the entire paperwork and documentation. Conducts a visual inspection.
  • The legal packages that are duty-free are released. Other goods requiring further inspection are held back.
  • Duty is applied to the packages.
  • Uncompliant packages are rejected.

But hiring customs brokers would add a bit more value to the process and elevate the smooth clearance. The customs broker will:

  • Complete the B3 form and transmit data electronically. Won’t take more than 20 minutes for the clearance.
  • At times help your package get cleared sooner when they have pulled aside for further inspections.
  • Help your package pass within 12-48 hours when the packages are held back at the bonded warehouses. The brokers will visit the site themselves to help that get cleared.
  • Plan your stock management in times of holidays because the clearance takes longer than usual.

When does the clearance incur the highest delay?

The smartest packages and the shipments involve most of them getting released sooner, most of the time. But this is a process that is not guaranteed. The ultimate delays are faced when the shipments are rejected or held back, temporarily or almost permanently. What can be the reasons for them?

Temporary rejections

This is mostly caused by human errors or delays. Working with customs brokers is going to eliminate these chances for you. The documents when do not match up to CBSA expectations get held back. They are stressful but can be corrected.

Permanent rejections

These happen when the information provided is grossly misclassified. Wrong tariff codes, undervalued goods, or shipment of prohibited goods can permanently reject the shipments. You can send back the packages to your seller who can correct the errors and send them back again.

Clearit customs clearance is going to ensure your package passes through the clearance as soon as possible without any delays.