5 Best Hotels in Makassar with Modern and Elegant Decor


source: www.indonesia.travel

As the capital city of South Sulawesi, Makassar becomes a gateway to Eastern Indonesia. This usually means that Makassar plays a part in raising the movement of commerce, particularly in Eastern Indonesia. It is not only famous for the tourist attractions, but it also serves various delicious dishes, such as coto, konro, pisang ijo, pallu basa, and buras. Then naturally, this town has to be among the list to visit.

For all those planning on a business trip or arranging a holiday in Makassar City, the following firms recommend several of the most fabulous hotels that could become your option to remain.

Claro Hotel

This four-star resort is a regular spot to stay for state officials through a working trip to Makassar. The place is extremely tactical, which can be at the core of Makassar City. The resort, which has been previously called the Grand Clarion. It has 585 rooms of various sorts, ranging from deluxe to president package, in addition to flat kinds. 

Claro also includes quality MICE centers for coordinating a variety of events. Not just that, for marriage suites, there are lots of options of spaces that may be ordered by the desirable concept.

The Rinra Hotel

The Rinra is the first resort to be incorporated using a lifestyle mall at Makassar, specifically Phinisi Point Mall, making it quite acceptable for business and leisure lodging. This five-star resort features luxury at speeds that are inclined to be somewhat reasonably priced. For couples who wish to maintain a contemporary outdoor wedding using a sea view feeling, The Rinra is located on Jl. Metro Tanjung Bunga is recommended.

The hotel also offers amenities for moderate to large scale encounters. Among the additional benefits of the resort is the location near the star of Makassar City, Losari Beach, along with Center Point of Indonesia.

Gammara Hotel

To ensure it is longer quality, it’s wise if you’ve got a holiday with your loved ones to opt for a cabin for a place to remain. Gammara offers cottages with two bedrooms in addition to private pool amenities. The resort also provides amazing sea views from each room. For medium or large scale company or government meetings, there are lots of space choices.

The resort is minimalist but quite contemporary and refined. Located near to Losari Beach, as well as a souvenir centre. It is possible to feel the feeling of being over the skies at the top bottom of the hotel while enjoying a casual dinner with a buddy or spouse. They are highly suggested.

Pesonna Hotel

Pesonna Hotel is located at Jl. Andi Mappanyukki. This three-star hotel is the only sharia hotel that offers a luxurious meeting room with a modern and comfortable design. Additionally, the supportive facilities such as your assembly room are highly competent, including a speaker program and a display. The food menu served by Pesonna is quite varied, both international and local, with delicate tastes prepared by experienced chefs.

Max One Resort

Max One Resort is situated on Jl. Taman Makam Pahlawan is very exceptional with a huge backyard, therefore it’s quite acceptable for people who want the idea of outdoor pursuits. The resort is also quite child-friendly by supplying a playground. The assembly facilities provided are highly affordable, particularly for moderate scale activities like social collecting or reunions. The place is also quite tactical, near shopping facilities and recreational locations.

This was a listing of hotels in Makassar City, which are highly recommended as places to stay on company trips and travel and be very comfy as an option of staycation with cherished friends and loved ones. Every one of these resorts has swimming pools, amusement amenities, and comfy hangouts.

Vacation is more than just the accommodation, it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Makassar by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.