How to choose the best moisturizer for you?

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Of all the products for skincare, the moisturizer seems the most straightforward right? After all, the moisturizer has one job of moisturizing the skin. Well, the truth is that not all moisturizers are the same. You can find different types of moisturizers which work differently on the skin. Of course, you can get just the top-rated moisturizer Aspect Phytostat 9 from to end your search. Otherwise, follow the guide below that will surely help you hunt for the perfect moisturizer for your skin.

Different types of moisturizers

For a proper skincare routine, you need to pick the right moisturizer according to your skin type and concerns. But before you start your search, you need to know precisely what kinds of moisturizers are found in the market first.


The cream type has a thick formulation which is best for people who have irritated or dry skin. The biggest plus is that the cream type can hydrate without clogging the pores.


This type is a lightweight formulation when you compare it with the above one. This is good for people who have oily, combination, and acne-prone skin. Lotions don’t cause any congestion or breakouts, mainly because their main ingredient is water.


Gel moisturizers are a combination of alcohol and water, which gives a nice cooling effect on the skin when applied. Also, the skin readily absorbs this type of formulation. If you are seeing for a light-weight moisturizer without the usual greasiness, then this is the one for you.


This is the thickest and heaviest moisturizer type in the market. When compared to water, this has high levels of lipids and oils in the formulation. That’s why this is a big no for people who have oily or combination skin.

Right moisturizer according to the skin type

For oily skin

There is a misunderstanding that oily skin people don’t need a moisturizer. The truth is, all skin types need some moisture to remain hydrated. Make sure that the moisturizer you choose doesn’t contain too many chemicals. Go for oil-free moisturizers and lotion types to hydrate your skin.

For combination skin

Finding the perfect moisturizer for this skin type is a little tricky. The success of a moisturizer will depend on both how oily and dry your skin is. Lotion-type moisturizers are a good deal for this skin type.

For dry skin

People with dry skin get premature ageing signs sooner than the other types; it is best to look for a moisturizer with anti-ageing effects. Ingredients like vitamin E, jojoba oil, and collagen in the moisturizer are suitable for your dry skin.

For sensitive skin

Unlike other skin types, you cannot try out a new product just like that. Otherwise, it can cause a lot of damage to your skin. Usually, moisturizers with few ingredients are better for sensitive skin. Avoid heavy formulations which can clog pores.

For mature skin

The needs of the skin change as a person ages. So, look for moisturizers that are specific for mature skin with anti-ageing benefits. Ingredients like retinol, vitamin C, fruit acids, and collagen are your best bet for reducing the ageing signs.


Believe this provided you a little idea about the different moisturizers available today. Or, check out the best in the market. If you are Looking at Aspect Phytostat 9? Shop now . With its high ratings and reviews, there is no doubt that it is a product that works wonders on the skin.How to choose the best moisturizer for you?