Bitcoin is a non regulated and transparent currency where “mining” has taken a digital turn to effectively organise numerous digital transactions. By effectively making use of blockchain technology, Bitcoin is making ways for better economies. If it sounds confusing, keep reading the article to know about Bitcoin that is trending increasingly these days.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a type of crypto currency that is based on the principles laid down by mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto. This digital currency follows cryptography where balances are kept in a public ledger, not in a physical form click here. Although the currency is encrypted, everyone has access to that public ledger.

This crypto currency was first developed in 2009 with the objective of lower transaction costs than traditional payment systems. Despite it being not legal in numerous parts of the world, Bitcoin that’s commonly called BTC has become popular financial among people around the world through

How do Bitcoin work?

The world’s largest crypto currency is made, distributed and traded by the help of a decentralised ledger system. This public ledger is known as blockchain which is made up of a collection of blocks. A block is in itself made up of a collection of transactions. Each computer running this blockchain is known as a “node”. All such nodes have similar list of transactions and blocks and can easily see new transactions as they are being run.

The people who take part in Bitcoin network with the help of their computers are called “miners”. While there is no definite method of counting the number of nodes, there are more than 15000 full nodes in the network. Running the more allows a miner to preserve his privacy and strengthen the security. The minors have the responsibility of processing the transactions on the blockchain. The transactions fees paid in Bitcoin and coming up of new Bitcoins are the main motivators for the minors.

It just takes 10 minutes to mine a new block in the network. Currently, there are about 19 million Bitcoins in the world. This number of limited to 21 million which is known as hard cap. Bitcoin mining is done using a variety of hardware with different levels of rewards. Mining is done to add and verify transactions taking place in the blockchain network. It requires solving different computational puzzles.

Investing in Bitcoin

It is evident that Bitcoin is the future of digital world with ease in terms of payment and a faster payment mechanism. Undeniably, people are attracted to make investment in Bitcoin. You can easily purchase Bitcoin on any Bitcoin exchange that you can find online. Like the principles of investment, principles of buying and selling and gains and losses apply to Bitcoin also. You just need to follow the steps below to start investing:-

  1. Sign up on a Bitcoin exchange like.
  2. Create your Bitcoin wallet
  3. Connect your Bitcoin wallet with your bank account
  4. Place the order of your Bitcoin

You can easily manage your Bitcoin investments on such exchanges. Such exchanges however are at risk of malwares and hackers. The blockchain network is also prone to fraud and market risks. Hence, it is advised not to invest your entire capital in Bitcoin. Try to invest around 10% of your investment money in Bitcoin to be on the safer side.