Buy a budget gaming monitor with these tips!

Most avid gamers will tell you one thing about buying a gaming monitor – It is an investment. No matter the hardware you own, without a suitable and competent screen, the experience never translates into immersive gaming. Thankfully, there is no dearth of choices in gaming monitors these days, no matter your budget. You can get something like PrimeCables 4k gaming monitor under $400, while some are really expensive and cost $1000 or more. In this guide, we are discussing more on what it takes to find the perfect gaming monitor without spending a fortune. 

Start with the basics

Some basic aspects or features do matter when you are looking for a gaming monitor – 

  1. The first one is the refresh rate, which is the number of times the screen updates images every second. At the least, this should be 60 Hz for gaming. Higher the better – that’s the golden rule. 
  2. The second aspect is related to the response time. The more responsive a gaming monitor, the better experience you have – Just knowing that much is enough for comparing options. 
  3. The panel type is the third category. TN panels have great refresh rates and response time, but often perform poorly when it comes to color reproduction. If you want to get better colors and contrast, go for either VA or IPS panels. 
  4. The resolution is the fourth important aspect. The new standard for gamers is 4k, and that’s what you should be aiming for. When looking for extremely affordable gaming monitors, go for a FHD one at the least. 
  5. Check the input methods too. Ensure that the gaming monitor is such that you can easily pair it with any hardware that you have. 

Small details to consider

With gaming monitors, expect a decent warranty of six months to a year at the least. Also, check if the product is mountable, which is a must for gamers who do not have or want a dedicated desk. Compare at least a few options when you check for gaming monitors, and make sure that the product comes from a brand that you can trust. As for the price, online stores often have the best deals and offers on gaming monitors, and you can find many choices within a small budget, although spending a tad more on the right monitor is never a bad idea. 

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