The requirements of industrial and commercial architecture are different from those of residential architecture. Since the roles and responsibilities of commercial architects are extremely complex in nature, it’s their experience that matters the most. Such professionals have to be very good with numbers and calculation and they have to be creative and efficient designers who can draw and are fully aware of how to use the latest tools to improve their drawings with the help of the latest technology available. 

Some of the best Canadian commercial architects, Stendel Reich industrial architects have put to use their immense talent to successfully design some of the best complexes – listed below – in Canada. If its quality and class that you are trying to determine, then the following industrial buildings and complexes are something that you must have a look at.

  1. Distribution Centers

The most eye grabbing and practical distribution centers in Canada are:

  • Shoppers Drug Mart in Ontario.
  • Jean Coutu in Hawkesbury, Ontario.
  • SF Marketing in Dorval, Quebec.
  • Provigo in Boucherville, Quebec.
  • Reitmans in Saint-Laurent, Quebec.
  • Cleyn and Tinker in Saint-Laurent, Quebec.
  • Aeromode in Ville Saint-Laurent, Québec.
  1. Pharma Centers and Plants
  • Data Center in Montreal Metropolitan Area, Quebec.
  • Pfizer in Brandon, Manitoba.
  • Perkin Elmer in Kirkland, Quebec.
  • Blachford in Lasalle, Quebec.
  • Petropole Litho in Saint-Bruno, Quebec.
  1. Food Processing Plants
  • Canada Bread in Moncton, Quebec and Woodstock.
  • Maple leaf in Winnipeg, Alberta.
  • Marvid in Montreal, Quebec.
  • Elevages Perigord in Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague, Québec.

Some of the reasons that these projects turned out to be some of the most elite and successful buildings in Canada are as follows.

  • The architects made stunning blueprints and ensured that their designs were passed by the legal authorities in their respective cities.
  • The architects took creative liberties to make the buildings highly spacious and well-ventilated.
  • The buildings were constructed to have enough space so that automated devices and machines could be accommodated easily. These factors were taken into consideration assuming that the businesses will grow, that would mean more machines and devices that would need more space.
  • The architects used the best modern light fixtures so that the electricity and power consumption could be minimised. 

On top of everything else, reputable architects never leave their clients in between. They are always available to:

  • Assist with picking the right contractors that are offering the best rates.
  • Pay visits to the site of construction to determine that the building is being constructed according to the blueprint.

So, if you want your construction project to be a success, then be very careful when you hire an architect.