CBSE Class 10 Exam: Preparation tips to score good marks


Anxious grins, sweaty palms, continuous tapping feet are the signs of nervousness among the students who are about to appear for their first board exams. Added to this, the expectations from peers and parents overwhelms the Class 10 students who are preparing hard for the step which will set their future right. Every student aspires to achieve good marks which involves immense dedication, determination and hard work.

Mathematics is a subject which involves numericals and requires lots of practice. Students can refer to the NCERT Exemplar Class 10 Maths Solutions which is one of the best study materials available in the market. These solutions contain all the questions from the prescribed syllabus which prepares the students not only for the board exams but also for various other competitive exams like JEE Main, JEE Advanced etc. at state and national level. Numerous questions are available for practice which in turn helps students to get a grip on the concepts which are important for the exam. 

Tips to crack the board exam

  1. Choose the right time to start the exam preparation

Learning capabilities vary from one student to another. So choosing the right time to start the exam preparation plays a major role in scoring good marks. Planning the preparation hours should be followed to avoid anxiety and stress at the last minute. 

  1. Overview of the exam pattern

Students should go through the question papers of previous years in order to get an idea about the exam pattern. It will help them to understand the chapters and topics for each subject. Once the list of most repeated questions are prepared, it is easy for the students to prioritise the important topics during their exam preparation.

  1. Timetable should be prepared

Without proper planning, it is difficult for the students to reach their target. So making a timetable at first will help students to plan and study each subject effectively. It should also include proper breaks in between so that students get enough time to relax and get back to the subject.

  1. Highlighting and underlining important points
    While studying each concept, it is important for the students to underline and highlight the points which are of high marks in the exam. This would boost interest and confidence among students to study those concepts without any difficulty. It would also help the students to understand the concepts which are important for the exam and work on them for a better score. 
  2. Textbook should be preferred over reference books

Students should focus on the prescribed textbook rather than solving all the questions from the reference books. This will help them to save time and prepare effectively for the exam without any difficulty. It should be followed diligently by the students in order to ace the board exam with much confidence.

  1. Importance should be given to languages

Apart from important subjects like Maths, Science, Social it is necessary for the students to give importance to languages. Marks obtained by the students in all the subjects are calculated for the final percentage. So by neglecting the languages it would be difficult for the students to score good marks and reach their career goals. Following these tips would help students to score well in the board exams. For other subjects, students can also refer to the RD Sharma Class 10 Solutions which are present in both online and offline mode. These solutions are the best reference material for the students to understand each and every topic instantly. It also helps the students to get their doubts cleared and boost their confidence to face the board exam without fear.