The popularity of online slots keeps on soaring high. With millions of players across the globe, two main varieties stand out. These are classic slots and video slots. Most new players cannot choose between these two. It is crucial to know their differences before deciding which to play. Classic slots are where it all began, and a lot of players prefer the simplicity they offer. Modern video slots appear more enjoyable, and they offer more diversity. Players who are looking for more fun choose these games. Knowing the differences between the two can help a player to pick one that suits them well.

Classic slots

Inspired by the old fruit machines, classic slots have three up to five reels. Most of these machines feature simple gameplay and a streamlined structure. Many beginners who are still learning about the game find it perfect. Some players who prefer old-school games also choose this over the modern type.

Video slots

Considered as the modern variety of slot games, these are more innovative and diverse. Exciting features such as jackpots and bonuses make it more appealing. Players can find these at many online casinos, such as jili ฟรีเครดิต. Unlike the classic slots, video slots do not take after fruit machines. They are a fusion of console video games and slot games. There are hundreds of exciting themes available for every type of player. Many of these have five or more reels, and the gameplay is almost always unique.

Although they have many similarities, crucial differences also exist. Players should be aware of these.

Variety of themes

All classic slots share an identical look. The symbols and layout are often very similar. Most of these slots only have three reels, but some have up to five. Some players get fed up spinning the reels over and over again. Each video slot is unique, and every one of them has a particular theme inspiration. Some of these themes are movies, celebrities, mythology, and a lot more. Unlike classic slots that offer simplicity, video slots are colorful and feature-rich. Players get engrossed in a story that unfolds throughout the game. Getting the right combination of symbols and winning unlocks scenes.

Special features and bonuses

Classic slots usually have no bonuses or special symbols. There are a few exceptions, but they are somewhat rare. Plenty of players prefer video slots over classic ones because of this reason. It is common for video slots to have Wild and Scatter symbols. They offer unique bonuses that let players win more when triggered. These surprising bonuses double the thrill and excitement.

Pay lines

The more reels and rows, the more pay lines. The more pay lines, the more ways to win. Players are often attracted to video slots by the possibility of winning more. Classic slots have lesser pay lines due to their having fewer reels and rows. They usually only pay from left to right. Video slots can have around thirty pay lines. Some titles even have as many as a thousand ways to win.