Dan Snyder’s Philanthropic Efforts Reach Around the World

Dan Snyder had a fairly typical childhood growing up just outside of Washington, D.C. Like many other residents, he became an avid fan of the area’s football team, the Washington Redskins. After graduating from college, Snyder began to shine as a business professional after he founded Snyder Communications in 1985. He grew this business from the ground up and become the youngest CEO at the time to head up a company listed publicly on the New York Stock Exchange. When Snyder sold his company to Havas in 2000 for a price tag that exceeded $2.3 billion, the company had 77 offices with more than 12,000 employees based across 17 countries.

However, his astounding success as a business professional did not stop there. Around the time he sold Snyder Communications, he became the franchise owner of the Washington Redskins. This NFL team is now known as the Washington Football Team. Over the years, Snyder maintained the elite status of this team as one of the most notable sports franchises in the world. These successes have positioned Dan Snyder and his wife, Tanya, to have a major impact on the world outside of the sports community. The Washington Charitable Foundation was established in 2000, and it pulled together support from various businesses and affluent individuals as well as support from Snyder’s NFL franchise.

Through the Washington Charitable Foundation, Dan Snyder has initiated substantial improvements in the local community. The foundation focuses heavily on supporting outreach initiatives and childhood education. In 2019, the organization was responsible for sponsoring several programs at local elementary and middle schools. These programs collectively improved the lives of approximately 12,000 students. Outside of these programs, the foundation has generously given financial support to Loads of Love. This unique organization provides disadvantaged youths with free laundry facilities to ensure they have clean clothes. By doing this, the program fosters their academic success.

Over the years, the Washington Charitable Foundation has provided financial support, donated supplies, and offered on-the-ground support for communities that were reeling from major natural disasters. These events include the Southeast Asia tsunami of 2004, Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and Hurricane Matthew in 2016.

Beyond these efforts, the Washington Charitable Foundation donated approximately $35,000 for renovations to the historic Ashburn Colored School after it was severely damaged by vandalism. Altogether, the Washington Charitable Foundation has improved the lives of millions of people through various initiatives over the last two decades. The total aid that it has distributed is estimated at more than $30 million. However, Dan Snyder’s philanthropy has extended outside of this foundation as well.

Dan and Tanya Snyder have generously given their personal funds to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the Children’s National Hospital. Their contributions were so significant that both of these organizations named new facilities after them. Daniel Snyder and his wife also donated $100,000 to the local food bank and $250,000 to a grassroots group that focuses on social injustice in response to the extensive issues that have affected the country in 2020 and 2021. To further support the local community, Snyder played a major role in transitioning FedEx Field into a major testing site for COVID-19.

Under the banner of his NFL franchise, Dan Snyder has supported wellness initiatives through Youth for Tomorrow and Beacon House. He also honors military service members and veterans through the NFL’s Salute program and the Gary Sinise Foundation.

Dan Snyder has a decades-long history of jumping into action when needed and of utilizing all of his resources for both professional and philanthropic success. In addition to all of these efforts, Snyder is currently on the Board at Red Zebra Broadcasting and inVentiv Health. Dan Snyder often speaks at professional events upon request. Dan Snyder has also been honored with induction to the Greater Washington Jewish Sports Hall of Fame and as a recipient of the Charles B. Wang International Children’s Award.

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