How To Design Your Branded Jersey

One way to instill Espirit De Corps in your team is to get them an arresting sports jersey! The moment a team puts on the company’s jersey, the company’s premise becomes a fever pitch. For building up a sporty team spirit, such minuscule yet important steps are necessary. If you’re pondering upon the jersey design (desain jersey, which is the term in Indonesian) for your team or employees, then you must consider some relevant points:

1.    Material

If you are looking for a tailored jersey for a cricket or hockey match for your company team on a languid Sunday, then you can go with polyester cotton, which is more breathable and comfortable.  If you are searching for a winter jersey, then go with a fleece lining one. Your choice should depend upon the occasion and the frequency of use. For special occasions and office matches, go with cotton polyester as it won’t shrink even after multiple uses. 

2.    Customize The Logo

Decide upon the place where you want your logo. It can be at the sleeves, on the pants, or even on the chest. Consult your team members or subordinates, or employees regarding this decision. The whole process will build up team spirit as they will love that their suggestions are being considered. 

Work carefully on the graphics of the logo. If you have a graphics designer in your team, ask him/her to curate the logo’s aesthetics. 

3.    Sizes

You must consider the different sizes of your jersey design before placing the order. Circulate a size chart among the team members and ask them to fill in the details of their size. To be on the safer side, choose one size bigger than your actual size, as somewhat loose jerseys will work fine, but tight ones will suffocate during playtimes. 

4.    Color

Jot down the ideas of every team member regarding the color scheme of the jersey. After a healthy discussion, reconcile the differences to conclude the color scheme. Try not to keep the look mundane. Too many colors will make it look hysterical. A combination of 2 colors is advisable. Consider your brand color before finalizing the colors. Adding brand colors will personify your brand as each employee with different quality will wear it. Consider the jersey designs of other companies as well to avoid any legal conflicts.


Incorporating team spirit is one of the important parts of business development. Getting a designer jersey is a petit part of it. Instilling a sense of team affiliation and team bonding can take the business to heights.