Importing for Amazon? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Amazon, the only multinational, e-commerce business, has not only left a mark at the international level but has also created an image of an ideal e-commerce business. Apart from this, Amazon has seen a remarkable rise in the number of shipments over the decade with an increase in the purchase of imported goods from all over the world. Given the unprecedented success of Amazon, countless businesses are importing products to sell through Amazon. And, here’s everything you need to know about this.

  • Importing the goods to the fulfillment center

Traditionally, the imported goods had to be stored at a warehouse and sent to another. Not only was this process costly but the risk of damaging the goods was extremely high. So one can now send the goods directly to the fulfillment center, which is a much better and easier way. All you need to do is hire a freight forwarder, who would do the task for you. These companies can ensure safe and timely shipment directly to the destined warehouse. So one needs to know that sending the goods to the fulfillment center is the smarter and major part of the process.

  • Listing on Amazon

To use the Amazon FBA service, you need to list your products to be imported on Amazon. Further, you also need to list the IOR in the invoice. An IOR, who is the party responsible to ensure that the products have reached the destined country, has to pay the brokerage and submit the legal documents. One important thing to know here is that Amazon never acts as an IOR or the purchaser. So if you want the seller to be the IOR, you need to make a DDP shipment.

  • Finding a customs broker or freight forwarder

The customs clearance responsibility can be either given to a customs broker or a freight forwarder. The latter seems a better option as they fulfill all the shipment duties. You can further get updates of the time when the shipment reaches the Amazon warehouse. The freight forwarders, therefore, move products from the origin to the port, clear goods at the customs for importing, and finally move products from the destined port to the Amazon warehouse. In this regard, you can trust Clearit USA Amazon customs brokerage for a reasonable and safe import of your goods.

Although these steps seem quite complex at the first encounter, understanding the process is necessary and actually simpler than it seems.