Know about solid hardwood flooring as it is considered a good option?

When want the best quality solid hardwood flooring. This type of hardwood flooring is smooth and anti-slippery. This flooring is perfect to walk on it without falling. Solid hardwood is strong, long-lasting, gives an appealing look to the area, fulfill customers’ need, and most important is budget friendly.

This flooring allows heavy equipment to sit without damage and breakage that is the reason this is the choice of million peoples. Following are the species of this woods

  1. White oak: Solid hardwood flooring crated out of this specie is with open grain and is of good durability and workability. White oak itself is heavy and hard. It is subjected to considerable shrinkage.
  2. Maple: a whitish to light red-brown Hardwood Flooring with a closed uniform grain. This wood is hard and can be given best polished finish.
  3. Red oak: a reddish hardwood flooring with an open course, open grain and good workability and durability.
  4. White ash: this specie to craft out hardwood Flooring is light to dark brown wood and has an open grain and good workability.

Solid hardwood flooring is easier to clean than carpets

The reasons for this are obvious. A simple brush or light vacuum keeps your solid hardwood flooring looking great. Simple mop removes this mud with ease, if dogs or children have dragged mud through the house

Solid hardwood flooring is more hygienic than carpets

There are some horrifying reports out there detailing the parasites that carpets can harbor. This allergen-producing, dust mites, fleas or dust play havoc with allergy sufferers, solid hardwood flooring eliminates this saving your money and extreme discomfort.

Solid hardwood flooring is hygienic

Not only is solid hardwood flooring more hygienic, but carpets also trap in unpleasant odors from animals or things that have been spilt. Solid hardwood flooring will make your home more inviting, and aroma of a polished wooden floor is a delight.

Solid hardwood flooring produces warmth

Solid hardwood flooring provides a great medium to install underfloor heating, which these days is considered by far the most efficient way to heat your house. If after a few years solid hardwood flooring has been scratched or is a bit damaged due to heavy wear and tear. A simple sand and seal will bring it back to new again. This is a lot less costly than refitting a new carpet.

Solid hardwood flooring is appealing

One of the most important advantages of solid hardwood flooring installation that many people tend to overlook is the timeless appeal that wood has. Carpet, linoleum, and tile patterns with colors definitely go in and out of fashion.

Solid hardwood flooring installation is budget-friendly

Solid hardwood flooring was always considered only available to the very wealthy.

This is the time of fluctuation that is the reason modern production methods has been used to make it cheapest and available to all budgets.