Learn How To Play Blackjack

If you are struggling with the rules and tricks to play Blackjack, read this guide to understand the game completely.


Blackjack is played with a 52-cars deck. Each card is assigned a point value like kings, queens, and jacks worth 10 points, aces are worth 11 or 1 point. Cards 2 are valued for their face value. A player can win the game if he/she can collect the cards worth of total 21 points without going over the card of the dealers.


The game starts when a bet is made by setting the chips inside the better square placed on the table in front of you. Every player involved in the game places the bet and 2-2 cards are distributed to every player and the dealer. In a single deck or double deck game, the cards are kept such they cannot be seen and the players choose each card turn by turn. One of the dealer’s cards is turned so that the players can see it.

After this is done, the decision of playing their hands lies with the players. Once the turns of all the players are completed, the dealer plays the game. The game has to be played by certain rules and it is- The dealer must be able to draw cards that are worth more than 16 points.

Important terms

A player can take a “Hit”. If you take a hit that means you can take more cards if you are close to reaching the mark of 21 points. “Stand” is taken when you do not intend to draw any more cards as you do not hope that your cards could beat the mark of the dealer. You can take “split” if your first two cards are of the same domination and make a second bet. That bet will be equal to your first and the pair that you have split.

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