Melbourne Gold Company

The Melbourne gold Company is Melbourne’s number one gold buyers. The company also purchases all types of gold at the highest rates in the industry. So if you need cash for your gold, you can visit the firm today. The business is family owned and operated, and it has been providing customers with the highest payments for their gold items for two generations. The company boasts a team of experts who buy the gold, and they can value and appraise items in whatever condition. Whether you have large or small items for sale, or you’re a coin collector wishing to sell in bulk, the company welcomes you all.

Risk-Free Way of Selling Gold

The Melbourne gold Company provides a risk-free way to sell your gold, and they use the latest x-ray fluorescence technology to ascertain the purity of your gold accurately. The company also sells low premium gold bullion, and it also stocks bullion products form the world’s leading mints. If you’re a trade customer, the company can offer a comprehensive buying agreement and assay services at competitive prices coupled with quick payments when you sell gold to the firm on a regular basis. 

Gold Refining Services are Available

The Melbourne gold Company also offers gold refining services, and there’s no middleman, and you deal directly with the refinery. The good thing is that there are no hidden charges or fees, just a single agreed buyback rate. The company’s competitors typically charge its customers additional costs such as deposit fees, handling fees, and fire assay charges. So if you want more money for your scrap gold, you should deal with this company. Apart from trade customers, the firm also provides these services to prospectors across Australia. The refining service offers quick turnaround and instant payment following the assay. The business also offers secure precious metals collection service. 

Various Trades are Serviced

If you’re a jeweller, the Melbourne gold Company can provide you with excellent services. Other trades that can get services from the company include manufacturers, prospectors, miners, pawnbrokers, gold buyers, second-hand dealers, and collectors. You can get gold loans from the company, and you will receive instant cash for your items. The company can offer you a 7-day loan, 14-day loan or a 30-day loan. And the loan amounts start from $500 to as high as $30,000. And these loans are available at very affordable rates and the establishment is a one-stop shop for gold loans and pawnbroker services. 

Plenty of Positive Customer Reviews

When you check out customer reviews about Melbourne gold Company, most people compliment the company for showing honesty in their business dealings. Customers just walk in with their old jewellery and walk out with cash. The company is also among the most popular with customers wishing to sell their bullion. Furthermore, customers are happy because they are guaranteed the highest payments when compared with other dealers in the industry. The customer service is also the best, and customers’ queries are handled quickly and efficiently. Customers even go to the company for instant cash loans, and their needs are addressed with minimum fuss.

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Melbourne Gold Company

Suite 701/ 227 Collins Street

Melbourne, Victoria 3000

(03) 8678 2075