Natural Crime Thrilling Story On aha

Aha is one of the best platforms that streams some of the top-rated Telugu movies and Malayalam dubbed movies online. If you are a big fan of crime stories and thrillers, you will love streaming films because they are some of the best natural crime thrilling stories. Everyone loves to watch a different kind of film; however, everyone loves to watch them when it comes to crime thrillers. Crime thrillers have one of the most innovative plots that bring out a certain plot-turning event right at the end of the film. People love to wait for this event to take place to understand the mystery behind the crime thriller. If you also love to watch some of the Telugu industry’s best crime thrillers, you should watch the film “Y”.

“Y” is a Malayalam suspense thriller that was directed and written by Sunil Ibrahim in 2017. Division movies produced the film, and PromodBhaskar and Mejo Joseph provided thrilling music. Jayesh Mohan handled the cinematography of the film, and V. Saajan did the editing. This film featured stars like DhirajDeni as Arun, Shruti Susan Sam as Teena, Alencier Ley Lopez as SI, JinsBaskar as Gunda leader, Reshma Shah know as Arun’s sister, Rajagopalan P. as Salim and many others in supporting roles. You should go forward with watching this film on aha if you are interested in watching crime thrillers.

The story centres on a kidnapping that takes place in the middle of the road. Arun and Teena are a young couple of rooms walking down a road and taking some photos of themselves. However, Teena is faced with teasing, and some auto-rickshaw drivers in the vicinity mock the couple. But when he starts taking illicit images of Teena, Arun gets angry and crushes the person’s phone taking the picture. Seeing this reaction of Arun, the thugs start threatening Arun and Teena that they will kidnap Teena in front of his eyes, and Arun will be able to do nothing.

The story takes a quick turn when Tina is kidnapped right in front of his eyes and taken to a nearby flat discreetly. Meanwhile, in the flat, many things start happening, where a family and the kids plan to get out of the place and shift to Bangalore. Also, there is illegal business owner Salim who wants to do a transaction of 30 crores and hires a Goonda leader for that. However, this leader cannot go downstairs to do the transaction because some other thugs are waiting for him in the vicinity. Caring for his life, he sits with the woman working for Salim and chit chats with her.

You should watch this film because it speaks about so many different people’s issues and reveals the real mystery behind the kidnapping. You can watch Y movie online on one of the best Telugu streaming apps.