Why Do Tourists Need To Book Put-In-Bay Golf Carts In Advance?

Put-In-Bay has a rich historical part and a tourist hub in Ohio. The destination features breathtaking water views, historic sites, and lively entertainment scenes. It is a quaint Ohio village tourist can access via ferry and there are rental homes and hotels for a casual overnight stay on the island.

All around the year many great events are hosted on the island and people of all ages can have a great time. For information about Put-in-Bay Hotels, you can check online blogs. You will even need to book golf carts in advance.

Benefits of using golf cart rental in Put-in-Bay

  • The paths on the island are narrow and unable to accommodate 4-wheelers. Golf carts are designed for narrow paths and equipped with navigation equipment, seat belts, turn signals, taillights, and headlights. The cart can be used safely during the day and even at night.
  • If you bring your car, then the charges to transport the car via ferry are huge. It takes some hours for transportation from one shore to another. There is a lack of parking space and gas stations.
  • You are on a vacation and a golf cart rental offers peace of mind. They are available in different seating arrangements at affordable prices.

The golf cart is the preferred transportation method of this island. Thousands of travelers visit Put-in-Bay frequently. There is always a rush for golf cart rentals and advance online booking ensures you have transportation waiting the moment you arrive.

Reasons to book Put-in-Bay golf carts in advance

Comfort and convenience

The golf carts are the perfect mode of transportation for exploring the island. The rental machines on the island are well-maintained and tourists enjoy using them. Seating capacity ranges from 2 to 8, so it is a great convenience to go sightseeing with friends and family.


The golf carts are designed by branded companies like Yamaha and EZ-Go and gas-powered, so popular for reliability. Unlike the battery-powered, gas-powered golf carts offer a concern-free tour without concerns about stopping to change frequently.

Different kinds of carts to choose from

  • 2-seater – Perfect machine for two adults & child
  • 4-seater – There are two-seat rows, one facing forward, while the other on the rear
  • 6-seater – Two-seat rows facing forward and one on the rear
  • 8-seater – Largest golf cart with 3 rows facing forward and one on the rear

The reservation process is simple

Fill the online reservation form accessible on Putinbay.org with the necessary details and press the book now icon. If you desire to stay overnight on the South Bass Island, then mention it. You will be charged the entire amount specified on the day you arrive. Same-day reservations are also available if the bookings are not full.

Hassle-free cancellation policy

In case of some sudden changes in your touring schedule, you can easily and quickly cancel the reservation. Just email the online platform you booked the golf cart but ensure to notify you 24 hours in advance, so you don’t have to pay cancellation charges. Every communication process, booking or cancellation is performed in writing.

Enjoy your Put-in-Bay vacation with golf cart rentals!