Minimalist Guest Room ideas

We all have a vivid imagination of creating an ideal home, where we could feel ourselves, unwind, recoup and connect with family. From a dreamy bedroom to an energetic living room with an I-shaped sofa, from a vibrant kids room to create a welcoming kitchen we are loaded with ideas on how best we can turn mere walls into cozy living spaces. While this is everyone’s dream, not all can afford to have bigger living areas given location, space, and budget constraints. Hence there are a few spaces which we need to trim down to enjoy the spaciousness and at the same time keep it low-key wherever required.

The only place where we can make these adjustments are the guest room, giving it a touch of minimal design, with convertible furniture that can help create bigger spaces. Here are a few tips to help you chalk a super cool guest room that is just right for your guests and easy on you:

  1. Sofa cum bed: Most ideal room to place this kind of furniture is surely the guest room. For those days where you want to accommodate your guests a sofa cum bed will help you lend that extra space. Likewise, for those days when there no guests, it can be simply folded back to make space for your yoga, kids activities, or as a recreational space for those laid-back holidays.
  2. Foldable table: Not all times a guest room is for guests, placing a foldable table is the right way to adding extra space and for those times when you don’t require the table, it can be simply folded back to its original position. This not only adds space but matches with the fluidity of the interiors making it look subdued just the way a guest room should be.
  3. Cane Furniture: If you haven’t allocated a spot for cane in your home, then a guest room is the right place to do so. A quiet corner with a pouffe and a cane chair with pastel cushions will make wonders to your interiors. Ensure you fill other furniture in the same brown undertone such as the cane colour to maintain an equilibrium.
  4. Décor & Lightening: Make the décor and lightening for guest room effortlessly. Invest in something that will go in tandem with the furniture. A Jaipuri or authentic Indian kalamkari bedsheets, if you have a bed or cushions that truly bring an earthy essence through designs & colors- this way you can sync them with the furniture creating magic altogether.
  5. Wardrobe: If you are tight on budget then the guest room is a place where you can save by intelligently designing the room along with investing in concept furniture. A makeshift wardrobe goes great with these kinds of rooms wherein they are simple, do not occupy much place.

You can also explore makeshift closet designs online to get a glimpse of how you can adopt them and create more space for yourself. Not just that guest rooms can be those experiential areas where you can unleash your creativity at best. So, be quirky, be offbeat, be very you!!