Skills & Competences Of A Data Scientist

The Data Scientist is not simply a statistician. He is also a technician since he has to use the IT tools made available to him, possibly propose to others, and always act to improve the performance and profitability of the company. Therefore, he or she has skills in math, statistics, modeling, data analysis, and computer science. Notably, they also have good business acumen, fundamental marketing skills, and good communication skills. You have to be “customer and business-oriented” and focus on knowing the end user.


Until a few years ago, no specific training existed for the position of Data Scientist. These courses recruit after a university or engineering course in mathematics, statistics, or computer science. We can also mention the ESSEC / Accenture Chair in Strategic Business Analytics or the 40-hour training offered by HEC to its MBA students in partnership with IBM.

The Salary Of The Data Scientist

For a Data Scientist who leaves school, we generally start around 38,000 euros in gross fixed annual salary. After three years, salaries are much, or even more, because the progression is rapid due to the scarcity of profiles and the profession’s gains. Often, a variable part is added to the fixed salary.

Our studies and statistics have enabled us to produce a salary scale, to consult here “How much I am worth.”

The Primary Skills And Qualities To Have

With three skills, the data scientist must master many skills:

  • Ability to analyze and model statistical data;
  • Excellent knowledge of computer tools and languages;
  • Strong affinities for marketing;
  • English proficiency;
  • Writing skills and good communication skills;
  • Be rigorous and organized;
  • Respect for data confidentiality;
  • Know how to manage stress and pressure;
  • Be a force for proposals;
  • Conduct a watch.

The data scientist from the best science training in hyberadad is responsible for collecting and analyzing large volumes of data from multiple sources of information.

The data scientist is responsible for collecting and analyzing large volumes of data from multiple sources of information.

Required Skills

Technical Skills

  • Excellent knowledge of machine learning algorithms
  • Excellent knowledge of data management tools (SAS, SPSS, SAP Infinite Insight, Python, R, Excel, and Access)
  • Excellent mastery of HADOOP technologies
  • Excellent knowledge of SQL and no-SQL databases
  • Good knowledge of neural networks and artificial intelligence
  • Good knowledge of web analysis tools (Omniture, Google analytics, etc.)
  • Strong knowledge of marketing
  • English proficiency


  • Analytical skills essential to identify and understand the cross-cutting economic issues of the company
  • Very rigorous and high concentration to ensure the accuracy of the calculations performed
  • Good organizational skills to structure their working methods and intervention plan.
  • Strong sense of service to optimize and improve customer satisfaction
  • Excellent communication skills to explain and convince
  • Excellent pedagogy to explain your working method to employees
  • Curiosity to follow new trends and discover new tools
  • Taste for numeric data and numbers as the data volumes are large
  • Proposal force to offer recommendations to marketing teams
  • Business acumen to spot market opportunities
  • Listening quality to accurately collect the information and needs of internal and external customers


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