Are you planning to go to Borobudur temple in Magelang? Then you must prepare the accommodation, right? Here are the top 10 resorts near Borobudur Temple which are worthy of your option to remain.

  1. Manohara Resort

Manohara Resort is the nearest resort to Borobudur Temple. Manohara resort’s location remains in the temple region. The Manohara Resort Court can also be part of the Borobudur court. The rate resort Manohara is around USD 117. But, tourists who stay at this hotel will not lose out on the gorgeous sunrise view in the stupa of this temple.

  1. Homestay Stay Laras

Homestay Stay Laras is situated not far from Borobudur Temple, less than 3 kilometers away. This homestay can be your choice if you want to conserve a little while seeing Borobudur Temple. Rate Homestay Laras Stay isn’t costly, the area is clean and has quite a thick texture of Javanese art.

  1. Cempaka Villa

The villa that’s only about 1.1 km adrift from the Borobudur Temple is undoubtedly a favorite accommodation for travelers, particularly those who do not have too big a budget. The atmosphere is very comfortable with views near the countryside.

  1. Omah Setumbu Hotel

Omah Setumbu Hotel is less than 4 kilometers from Borobudur Temple. Tourists can make the most of bicycles that are rented by the hotel manager to accomplish the temple. This resort, which has an aged Javanese design, will attract each of its visitors into an opinion of the ancient Javanese countryside.

  1. Amanjiwo Resort

Travelers, both domestic and foreign, admit that this resort is easily the most luxurious and finest in the neighborhood of Borobudur Temple. Amanjiwo’s ranking on the Tripadvisor site even reached 5.0, aka perfect. Amanjiwo delivers a direct view of this temple in a few of its rooms. This place can also be appropriate for people who want to honeymoon.

  1. Rumah Dharma

Rumah Dharma doesn’t give the luxury of a standard resort or star resort as the name suggests. But a warm greeting directly from the proprietor of Rumah Dharma, really home-cooked drink and food, and also the comfort of a household’s own distinctiveness has to be sensed by every guest. This inn generally offers a trip to enjoy the sunrise out of Punthuk Setumbu. Tourists will be invited to ride a bike. It is a memorable experience.

  1. Pondok Tinggal

The facilities aren’t luxurious, but it is incredibly comfortable to spend the night before appreciating the sunrise view in Borobudur Temple. Every two weeks, the resort manager holds a “wayang kulit” because of his or her guests.

  1. Plataran Borobudur Resort & Spa

Not only bearing the courtyard’s name (pelataran-Indonesian), this resort really presents a view of Borobudur Temple right in their yard. It is only a stone’s throw from the temple, only 1 km apart. This 5-star hotel is a favourite choice for just married couples to spend their honeymoon. The hotel has a design that makes its guests feel at home so that guests don’t have to try to find additional tourist attractions to spend their vacation time.

  1. Saraswati Borobudur

Same with Plataran Borobudur Resort & Spa, the distance of the resort from Borobudur is also very close, just around 1.2 kilometers. Many tourists decide to walk to the temple complex. Aside from being free, walking is also very enjoyable because tourists are treated with typical rural views around Borobudur.

  1. Amrta Guest House

This guest house, at first glance, does seem easy, but behind it, there is a swimming pool placed against rice fields and village plantations. It is also just approximately 1 km from the temple door.

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