Typical Likupang Food That You Must Try

Source: https://www.indonesia.travel/

Likupang in North Minahasa, North Sulawesi is included in one of the super-priority tourist destinations in Indonesia that are being developed by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy. In addition to its stunning natural beauty, Likupang also has a series of delicious traditional culinary delights. You can try some delicious authentic local cuisine in Likupang, with recipes passed down from generation to generation. Likupang traditional cuisine is famous for its spicy taste. Check out the following menu list.

  1. Milu Siram

Known locally as Binte Biluhuta, Milu Siram is a corn soup made with shrimp or fish meat. This dish has been around for centuries and comes from Gorontalo. Bursting with flavor, this nutritious soup gets its sweetness from the corn, its sourness from the lime, and its spiciness from the chili. This unique combination of different flavors is a must try during your Likupang trip.

  1. Panada

At first glance the shape is similar to pastels, but Panada is a fried bread with a filling of skipjack tuna that has been shredded. The fish is also seasoned with shallots, chilies, basil, scallions, and lime leaves. Panada is suitable as a breakfast menu or snack in the afternoon to complete your tea time.

  1. Tinutuan Porridge

There are various fresh vegetables such as kale, spinach, basil, corn kernels, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin on top. Porridge will also be given a complement such as skipjack or beef mince. This one menu will be your comfort food.

  1. Lalampa

Made from sticky rice and wrapped in banana leaves, this dish is similar to lemper in Java. However, there are a few things that set it apart. First, the lalampa filling is in the form of skipjack tuna. Second, besides being steamed, lalampa must also be burned. Before burning, lalampa is smeared with vegetable oil so that the aroma and taste will be stronger.

  1. Goroho Banana and Sambal Roa

The goroho banana is a type of banana that only grows in North Sulawesi. It is long and slender. This banana is processed by thinly sliced ​​​​and then fried. However, some are fried in flour. The texture will be similar to banana chips but eaten with sambal roa. As a companion, local people usually brew a cup of coffee, tea, or other warm drinks.

  1. Cakalang Fufu

This dish is suitable for fans of spicy taste. For this one menu, skipjack is processed by splitting it into two, covered with spices, then smoked for about four hours. The sensation of the smoking method is what makes it unique. This menu is deliciously eaten with warm rice and chili dabu-dabu. In addition, skipjack fufu is also usually processed into rica-rica.

  1. Binte Biluhuta

Binte Bikuhuta can be interpreted as corn that is doused in gravy. This menu is made from corn, chili, tomatoes, dried shrimp, grated coconut, and orange juice. It tastes spicy, sweet, and savory mixed into one. When you are in Likupang, culinary binte biluhuta will not be difficult to find. So you can’t miss it.

Vacation is more than just the scenery or accommodation, and it’s about making long-lasting memories with the culinary. Discover more adventures in Likupang by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.