A company is built upon the trust and coordination between the employer and their employees. But not everyone would be cooperative. Those employees are who we call the rogue employee. It is one of the scariest things that can happen when one of its staff goes rogue. As such, everyone has some access to the company’s data, and if someone goes rogue, not only is there a risk of the information being released, there may be other security breaches, incurring a heavy loss. So it is important to be observant of every employee in the office and whether they are any bad sign on the employee or they are displaying suspicious behavior.

We need to think about why a person would do such things. The answer could be – it depends. Urgent need for money could be one of the reasons. Or if the employee has been treated unfairly inside the company. Sometimes, a person may be tempted by the opponent companies and sell important information with them. The person may write themselves business cheques but do not intend to return the money. Embezzlement may also occur over some personal agenda they may carry for the company that was unfair or insulting. Whatever the reason, we need to be careful about the rogue-ish behavior and take action before things go south. 

Here are five ways you can catch such behavior.

  • Unusual absence during the weekdays.
  • Working at odd hours.
  • Displaying agitation and being anxious over trivial matters.
  • A sudden increase in income.
  • Trying to access information that is not needed for a certain job or is highly classified.

These are just some of the basics of the type of behavior a person going rogue may portray.

There may be other factors depending on the kind of company and the information they carry. Having tight security and being observant of the employee’s behavior and activities may prevent any harm to the company. This is why people should invest in employee monitoring software. They are software that track the employees of a company and what their working pattern is like – and how it is any different from the company culture. Software like workexaminer has all the amenities that you require to keep an eye on everything without meaning to be looking doubtful. That may create friction. 

Work examiner monitoring software helps keep track of the work hours, the keylogger, the applications being used, and whether someone is trying to go for shady business. You can also put restrictions on the information that carries the risk of breaking your business and put on an alert timer just in case someone shows rouge tendencies. Worry not by filtering through the options in the software. You can also protect the employees’ privacy and increase the productivity of the staff. This way, the company is saved, and the employees are in check as well. Blocking some sites may also be helpful and save the employee from any scam the internet possesses.