If you have been working in a retail store or have been associated with it for a while, you by now know the importance mannequins hold there. There are certain important benefits that the right mannequins can give you and hence choosing them becomes so important. But with a lot many types of mannequins available, how do you know which is the best one to choose? Here is our guide to picking the right one.


First things first, you need to know why you need a mannequin primarily. There are multiple mannequins available in the market and you need to pick the perfect ones that resonate with your niche and business. You can do this smoothly by understanding the target market you are catering to and selecting the pieces likewise.

The store’s image

You need to understand the image your store bears. The mannequins can very easily establish themselves as visual merchandisers and you need to use them correctly. They are pieces of art and each one of them should go hand-in-hand with the store’s image. Without them resonating with your identity, the whole purpose of the installation goes in vain.


This is also very important for you to analyse. Aspects like what makes up the mannequins also play an effective role in driving sales within the stores. If you want to pick the popular options, you can pick fibreglass items. The fibreglass has gained popularity because of how light it is and yet so durable and strong. Or there are other materials like plastic, wood, resin or metal. 

Target customers

To make the right decision while picking out the mannequins, you need to think in detail about who your target customers are and what is it that they want. Once you spot the right audience, choosing the mannequin becomes easier. Your demographics will also determine what gender you should pick and their types.


You need to be consistent while you are lining up the mannequins on the storefront. And with meaning consistent, you need to have the same types of mannequins. Changing the styles or bringing in variations might lead the customer’s focus to shift away and it might look visually messy. You can choose the same material, colour, size or adjustability to work with and work with the same range of colours on them.

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