Cosmetic dentistry is also called esthetic dentistry. The best dentist Poway outlines it to be a technique for enhancing people’s self-confidence and smile. Strong teeth and an attractive smile define the person’s overall health.

A lack of an appealing smile can impact oral and overall physical and psychological health. A smile is the first feature everyone notices. Teeth whitening and dental veneers are esthetic procedures. Alternatively, dental bridges, crowns, bonding, implants, dentures, and inlays & onlays are restorative dental procedures.

Why select cosmetic dentistry?

It comprises different kinds of procedures designed to correct chipped, missing, misshapen, and discolored teeth. To fix a smile there sir simple yet refined solutions. Depending on the patient’s goal the solutions are recommended.

Sometimes people are unhappy with their smiles because of teeth gaps, crowding, or discoloration. The dentist recommends dental veneers to correct the listed cosmetic problems.

Types of cosmetic dentistry

Teeth whitening or tooth bleaching

It is a popular option suitable for those who desire a simple and quick way of changing their smile. The option is for those who need a little brightening without a huge commitment. Tooth whitening increases your confidence because you are not conscious when you grin. You can enter a social setting boldly because your smile speaks.

The dentist will remove the plaque and tartar from the tooth surface to help restore the natural appearance before applying a bleaching agent to whiten the teeth.

Enamel bonding

Bonding is an inexpensive and least cosmetic dental procedure. The composite resin added to teeth edges is molded and polished to blend with surrounding teeth. It is used to enhance the chipped or discolored tooth appearance. It can even be applied to close spaces between two teeth and make teeth look long.

It is also a good alternative for amalgam fillings or protection to the exposed tooth root when gums recede. Enamel bonding needs replacement after several years but after how long depends on your oral habit.

Dental veneers

Veener is the new front surface designed from porcelain or ceramic. A veneer is applied for several cosmetic reasons including chipped, broken, discoloration, or lengthening the teeth, Orthodontics uses it as an option to offer a homogeneous smile.

After consultation, there is a mockup session. After teeth get created and prepped for effective bonding the molders are sent to the lab. The technicians prepare real veneer until then you have to wear temporary ones. Veneers last for more than a decade with proper care.

Inlays & onlays

When tooth cavities are bigger for dental fillings but do not need a dental crown then inlays & onlays are recommended. Inlay lies within the tooth cusp, whereas only is used when the tooth cusp itself is damaged. For example, when you see golden teeth they are onlays.

The inlays and onlays are designed outside the mouth after taking an impression. There is also a digital technology option, where inlay & onlay restoration occurs in a dental lab within two dental visits. Here the dentist in Rancho Bernardo can save a tooth without removing significant tooth structure.

Invisalign braces

Braces are designed to straighten teeth for kids and teens. However, the clear braces Invisalign sit behind and in front of your teeth. They can be worn by people of any age. New generation dentists are moving more towards teeth straightening than invasive procedures like veneer. Invisalign braces can be removed and inserted with ease.

It is suitable for mild teeth-straightening cases, while for severe cases fixed braces are great. Clear aligners and braces are considered cosmetic orthodontic treatments.

Dental implants

Dental implants are structures designed for missing tooth replacement. The dentist inserts screw-like devices within the jawbone. It acts as the anchor for an artificial tooth called a crown. The crown blends with teeth color and is almost indistinguishable. It even feels, looks, and functions like your natural teeth. Patients must practice better oral hygiene practice, during the implant placement sessions as well as after the procedure.

Cosmetic contouring

Cosmetic contouring means reshaping minor imperfections in the teeth. It includes unevenness, small chips, worn biting surfaces, and little overlaps.  Cosmetic dentist Rancho Bernardo captures several photos to show you the dental effects, Polishing tools are used to address the defects, and teeth are reformed. The enamel surface is touched and the results are attained in a single session.

Gum contouring

Gummy smiles are corrected using techy tools like a diode laser. Many people have excessive gum that is noticed when they smile. A few have gum lines, not in symmetry. The dentist uses the laser to reshape or lift the gum. The patients get a symmetrical gum and even smile.

There is a lot to cosmetic dentistry…..

Esthetic dentistry is a rewarding experience for the dentist and the patient but it is an elective treatment. There is a chance that the dentist can fail to fulfill the patient’s expectations. Therefore the dentist and the patient need to make sure about certain things right from the start.

  • Both must agree on the end result to avoid post-procedure issues
  • A patient must be completely aware of every treatment option available.
  • The patient must have clear knowledge about the accompanying procedure risks.
  • Maintain treatment records.

Never hurry to go for cosmetic procedures and if you do them ensure to follow post-surgical instructions religiously.