Why do women like drama movies?

All women prefer to watch the light, romantic movies. This can be explained quite simply: they are able to feel all the emotions that the film is saturated with from beginning to end. Drama movies on TV series are filled with love, betrayal, ups, and downs. Any woman finds something special for herself in this movie and takes everything to heart.

Feeling the range of emotions

Girls are naturally emotional, ready to always and everywhere worry about the heroes of their favorite films, even if they watch them not for the first time. Women often get used to the role of a heroine from the screen or remember themselves, which can cause those feelings of unrequited love, hatred, and anger, compassion. Throughout the film, the girl experiences a whole bunch of emotions. While the guy can calmly look at the situation.

It is important for every woman that the film allows them to experience emotions that are forgotten in real life or never occurred at all. It can be love, success in work, fulfillment of desires, etc. Men perceive all this a little differently, so there is no point in comparing them. It is very difficult for them to understand what the heroines of the films are experiencing.

What do psychologists say?

Psychologists have found a good explanation and answer to the question: why do girls love drama movies so much? Everything is very simple. Movies of this genre are able to change the mood. In the life of every person, different events take place: ups, downs, some happy moments, then depression. A drama movie can radically change the mood and make a girl joyful and positive. This genre originally arose as a feminine one, because it was able to arouse a feeling of pity and empathy.