Sustainable Travelling in Barcelona Through Private Tours

If you are travelling to Europe, ensure that you travel at least once to its most popular destination, Barcelona. The pandemic and the lockdown has changed how the tourists explore the city but it will not be a trouble for you to adjust to the new normal. Visiting Barcelona now in lesser crowds will help you discover the local atmosphere better than ever. Hence, the city is focusing on developing sustainable tourism. Let us understand how.


It is the common instinct to visit every possible place of the city we are visiting. The same happens when you plan to visit Barcelona. You will want to take a walk in La Rambla once you are here. From there you would want to admire La Sagrada Familia and then visit Camp Nou. This plan would require you to move a lot and change your location frequently. To make your journey sustainable, you can use:

  • Metro
  • Public bus
  • Electric scooter
  • E-bike
  • Walking

Eating out

If you are on a tight schedule without finding much time to cook, you will be eating out a lot. Here are certain tips for sustainable eating:

  • Eat less meat and try eating more plants.
  • Avoid using single-use plastic containers for taking away food.
  • Try eating from local brands instead of global brands to promote local businesses.


Staying is important and the place you choose to live is going to determine how sustainable your trip is going to be. Before choosing out your place of stay, make sure to check all the options before finalising any. You must pay attention to some of the following points:

  • Is the place going to offer an eco-friendly stay?
  • Is the place a global brand or a local identity?
  • How do they perceive themselves to be sustainable?

There might also be stays that will be enthusiastically cutting down on energy wastes, uses eco-friendly lighting solutions, or eco-friendly detergents to wash sheets.

Waste disposal

This must be respected by everyone travelling out and not just by sustainable tourists. You must be managing wastes just like local Barcelona residents do. They take waste disposal very seriously. There are different bins for different waste in the city:

  • Glass
  • Paper
  • Organic waste
  • Plastic

When you are planning a trip with Barcelonian private tours of Barcelona, you will be enjoying the place much better than most tourists do. Sustainably explore the city and get the best Spanish experience.