What are the Popular Types of Electric Bikes?

The concept of electric bikes has been around for quite some time. However, it has gained popularity in the recent decade only. Today, the technology has been made better, the weight has been lighter and the batteries have been smaller. With such improvisation, the costs have also been pulled down. All these reasons have made it possible for the riders to own one. But with so many varieties in the market, it has become tougher for customers to make the right choice. In this article below, we will discuss the different types of ebikes available in the market. 

Pedal Assist Bikes

These constitute to be the most common forms of electric bikes available in the market. The rider normally pedals the bike all the way, along with an additional assistance of the motor. This will help the power to be transmitted to the rear wheel and the body will be moved faster. In higher gears, the pedalling will take lesser effort and climbing uphill will get easier. 

Throttle Bikes

A throttle-operated bike will allow the bike to move forward even without pedalling it. Power is required based on how hard the throttle is pushed. These are not so common variants in markets as many countries prohibit the use of these bikes. However, these are more common in countries like USA and China. 

Speed Pedal Assist Bikes

The design of these bikes are much similar to the normal pedal assist bikes. However, in these bikes, the maximum speed can reach up to 45kph. In many countries, these bikes require licensed operation because of the speed they can attain. 

Front Hub Motor Bikes

This is the simplest bike design that you can settle with. But its abilities are very much limited. These motors are only used the best with the throttle system bikes and it might cause some disturbance to the rider. Traction issues will come up since the majority of the weight is put on the rear wheel only. 

Rear Hub Motor Bikes

These motors can be accommodated best for both the speed assist and the throttle bikes. These are very much affordable and do not appear bulky on being mounted on the bikes. However, the entire weight is put on the rear wheel, which usually affects the handling. 

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